Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Katie & Tim

I've known Katie for quite a long time--we both went to the same high school and sat together during lunch our junior year. Now we're both engaged (and were proposed to at the same location!) I was really excited when Katie contacted me about taking her engagement photos--she and her fiance had some great ideas!

Someone knocked out a pane of glass in this phonebooth--it worked perfectly for us!

At the Spoonholder, where Tim proposed

Katie and Tim weren't afraid to show off their nerdy sides...and I love it!

Read their shirts!

Another favorite--I think Tim actually was too tall to hang from the bars!


  1. Very cute pictures! I love their t-shirts! And the phone booth photo is classic.

  2. I think these are great - the photo booth shots are wonderful. When I eventually start doing engagement shoots, I need to scout around Sydney for some quaint little details like that. I don't know where on earth I'll find anything like a bloom filled field!