Saturday, June 13, 2009

Corinne's Bridals

Corinne & Michael's beautiful wedding was today, but we took her bridals a couple months ago. Enjoy! Corinne, you were a beautiful bride!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shelbi's Bridals

Shelbi was married this past weekend in Oklahoma, so now it is "safe" for me to blog her bridals! I took her portraits a few weeks ago, along with her sister's senior portraits, on OU's campus. We started in Beaird Lounge, and even though it was packed, everyone was kind enough to immediately make room for us--big white dresses tend to do that!

Enjoy some of my favorites--Shelbi, you made a stunning bride that day, and I'm sure your wedding was just as beautiful.

This was for Shelbi and Staci's dad--both their parents are OU grads! That is the stadium in the background, for all you non-Sooner people! Unfortunately, that was the best shot I could get of it from where we where.

Shelbi had some smokin' pink heel!

I love getting ring shots with a piano--the best part was, Shelbi actually plays

We did a few "sister shots"--this is one of my favorites

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Katie & Tim

I've known Katie for quite a long time--we both went to the same high school and sat together during lunch our junior year. Now we're both engaged (and were proposed to at the same location!) I was really excited when Katie contacted me about taking her engagement photos--she and her fiance had some great ideas!

Someone knocked out a pane of glass in this phonebooth--it worked perfectly for us!

At the Spoonholder, where Tim proposed

Katie and Tim weren't afraid to show off their nerdy sides...and I love it!

Read their shirts!

Another favorite--I think Tim actually was too tall to hang from the bars!


I actually took Staci's senior portraits and her sisters bridal portraits together--look for Shelbi's portraits after her wedding in May! Staci and Shelbi's parents and grandparents came with to watch too--we had quite the entourage as we made our way around the OU campus--thank you all for coming! Congratulations on your graduation, Staci!